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For years we thought that lawyers and specialized consultants should take care of cases. We got it wrong. Our duty is to take care of people.

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“The humanitarian aid that we bring to thousands of people is possible thanks to a great stream of love that has been forming. There are thousands of sponsors who donate monthly to help transform lives. Sponsorship is at the heart of the projects, which are also maintained with resources from individual donations and charitable promotions carried out by volunteers who embrace the cause in Brazil and abroad.

In Brazil, we support the treatment of children with microcephaly in Campina Grande, Paraíba, in partnership with the Professor Joaquim Amorim Neto Research Institute. In Campo Grande, we maintain the Young Emmanuel Philharmonic Orchestra project, which provides music education to young people from the periphery, and we help Clínica da Alma, dedicated to the treatment of drug addicts. In Roraima, we welcome refugee families from Venezuela, who crossed the border into Brazil in search of a chance.”


The complicated economic crisis that has plagued Brazil in recent years has made thousands of Brazilians give up on the dream of home ownership. Loss of income, financial difficulties and rising prices were devastating. Find out what your rights are in this delicate moment.


Leasing a property seems like a simple task. Before it was … Proof of this are the lawsuits involving lease contracts, which have grown rapidly in recent years. Security deposit, term, adjustments, guarantees and evictions are the most common, and all can be avoided with a good contractual review.


Financially speaking, buying an auction property makes a lot of sense. However, it is necessary to observe the details of this auction and know the occupation of the property, how the property consolidation process took place and whether, in fact, this property can be auctioned.
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Investing in real estate, in addition to expanding your assets, protects you. Our clients understand the importance of investing their resources in assets that they value over time while being protected by the security that real estate offers.

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Financial heart of the country, Faria Lima was carefully chosen to be the headquarters of our office. Being alongside with our main customers gives us the ability to respond quickly to urgent demands.


Interpretar dados é essencial para melhorar a performance.  Nossa base de dados, atualizada em real-time, nos dá a capacidade de apontar o melhor caminho na gestão de riscos das suas operações. 

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